JH Student of the Month - January

January JH Student of the Month: Jackson Hite

Jackson Hite, the son of Robert and Danielle Hite, was named the January Junior High Student of the Month. He is in the sixth grade. His teachers nominated him because of his good attitude, friendliness and work ethic. He currently participates in boys scouts, baseball, basketball and track. His favorite subject is math because it comes easy to him. In his free time he likes to play video games and play basketball with friends. In the future, he does not know what he wants to do yet, but we are sure he will go on and do great things. Now to share some fun facts. If he ever won the lottery he would put most of it in savings and give some to charity. If a genie was able to grant him one wish, he would wish that everything he wrote down on a piece of paper would come true. If he had one super power he would want to be able to teleport, so that he could get to places faster. In school his favorite experience would be the volley tennis tournament. He really enjoys doing things that involve sports.