HS Student of the Month - January

January HS Student of the Month: Briar Smith

Briar Smith, the son of Chad and Brigit Smith, was named the January High School Student of the Month. He is a junior. His teachers nominated him because of his good attitude, work ethic, commitment, and overall character. Briar participates in Golf, Scholar Bowl, Band, Drumline, Business Club, FBLA, Spanish Club, Drama Club, WYSE Club and FCA. He is a leader amongst his peers. His favorite subject is math and physics because he enjoys the challenge of problem solving. In his free time he likes to play cards and likes to watch movies with friends and family. In the future he plans on attending a university to earn a degree in mechanical engineering. Next, to share some fun facts. If he ever won the lottery he would take a vacation to Europe and invest the majority of it so he would never have to work solely for money. Second, if a genie was able to grant him one wish, he would ask for infinite money so he could give back and help those who need it. If he had one super power he would want to be able to fly, because that would be awesome. His favorite experience in school is having fun with his friends and making memories.