JH Student of the Month - April

Sophi Greuel, the daughter of Tyler and Tisha Greuel, was named the April Junior High Student of the Month.  Sophi is an eighth grader.  She was nominated by her teachers because she has a good attitude, is helpful, kind and gives it her all.  She participates in 217 Club Volleyball, softball and track.  Sophi's favorite subject is science, because it is fun.  In her free time she plays sports.  In the future she hopes to make good grades in high school and go to a good college.  Now to share some fun facts.  If Sophi ever won the lottery she would save half of it and spend some of it.  If a genie could grant her one wish, she would wish to be really good at sports.  If she had one super power, she would want to be able to fly because she could go anywhere.  So far, her favorite experience in school has been the field trip to the city museum.