HS Student of the Month

Lexi Agney

Lexi Agney, the daughter of Troy and Kathleen Agney of Strasburg was named the High School Student of the Month.  She is a senior.  Her teachers nominated her because she is kind, thoughtful and willing to help whenever asked.  She is respected by her peers and she is a leader in the senior class.  This year she has participated in a variety of activities.  She is currently participating in Business Club, Drama Club (President), LEO Club, FFA, Pep Club (Student Leader), Student-Council (President), WYSE Club, Senior Class Treasurer and has also been a student-athlete for four years.  She plays softball and is on the dance team.  

In the future, she hopes to study abroad, go to college and major in Athletic Training.  She is currently enrolled in our Health Occupations class and has had the opportunity to learn about several different  careers in the medical field.  Right now in school she really enjoys Health Occupations class, but also likes Psychology class.  She enjoys learning about our minds and why we do or don’t do certain things.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends and family, shopping at local businesses and like every other teen-ager she enjoys her sleep!    

If she ever won the lottery she would make sure all her debt was paid off and she would buy lots and lots of dogs.  If a genie was able to grant her one wish, she would want to have her own car.  If she had one super power, she would go back in time, just to see how her grandparents and parents grew up.