January HS Student of the Month is Bella Braden. She is the daughter of Nick and Kara Braden of Strasburg was named the January High School Student of the Month.  Bella is a senior.  She was nominated by her teachers because of her upbeat attitude, hard work ethic and kindness that she shows others.  She is well liked by her peers and has strong relationships with her classmates and teachers.  Her positive attitude helps cultivate our small school, family-like culture.  She is one of our student-athletes and participates in volleyball and cheerleading.  She is also active in the LEO club and serves as the Vice President.  Other clubs that she is active in include:  Business, Drama, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and WYSE.  She also contributes to our Yearbook.  After she graduates she plans on attending Lake Land College.  At this time she is undecided, but will go on and do great things.  She hopes to graduate from college, travel the world and start a family.  Her favorite class this semester is Construction, because it is hands on and she gets to move around and work on different projects.  In her free time she loves to spend time with her family and friends.  Now onto some fun facts.  If Bella ever won the lottery she would want to go on a nice vacation with her best friends.  If a genie was able to grant her one wish she would wish for a pet hedgehog.  If she had one super power, she would want to be able to fly, so that she could go anywhere in the world.