JH February Student of the Month:  Edie Wittenberg

Edie Wittenberg, the daughter of Barry and Courtney Wittenberg of Strasburg, was named the February Junior High Student of the Month.  Edie is a sixth grader.  She was nominated by her teachers because of her determination, high standards, work ethic and positivity.  Her positive attitude and fun going personality is encouraging to her peers.  She participates in volleyball, basketball and track at school and is also on a travel volleyball and softball team.  In the future she wants to go to college and travel the world.  Her favorite subject in school is math because it is easy to understand.  In her free time she enjoys playing sports, reading, listening to music, watching TV and hanging out with her family and friends.  Last, when asked some fun facts, Edie shared that if she ever won the lottery she would buy a Yorkie, donate fifteen percent to people in need and save the rest.  If a genie was able to grant her one wish she would want to get free orange chicken at Panda Express for life!  If she had one super power it would be teleportation, so she could go wherever, whenever in a really fast time.