CEO Trade Show

Looking to the Future: Shelby County CEO Students to Present Individual Businesses

Our community’s next generation of innovative thinkers will be on display as students from the Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO) program showcase their products and services at the Shelby County CEO 2022 annual trade show.

This year’s trade show, which takes place at Spruce St. Studios, Shelbyville on Wednesday, May 4, from 4-7 pm will present their businesses, including products and services.

The annual trade show is the culminating event for CEO students who have spent the year developing their entrepreneurial skills to be able to bring a business concept into reality. That reality will be realized as individuals attending the shows will have the opportunity to buy products and sign up for services with the owners at each booth.

To reach this point, students have tested their business through a variety of different methods, navigated the necessary paperwork, and they have effectively managed their financial obligations in order to bring their product or service to market. The CEO program is designed to immerse students in experiential learning in leadership and entrepreneurship as well as build a professional network in their local community. The local trade show acts as a showcase for the students’ individual businesses.

As the CEO students prepare for the trade show, they will be designing and printing banners for their booth, as well as business cards and other marketing material. They will be polishing their elevator pitches to potential customers and interested community members. Lastly, and most importantly at this stage, they will be in the final stages of production and rollout for their services. It is a busy, but exciting time for the seven members of Shelby County CEO!

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