March JH Student of the Month

JH Student of the Month:  Katie Linder

Katie Linder, the daughter of Gene Linder and Heather Nickles of Stewardson was named the March Junior High School Student of the Month.  She is in the eighth grade.  Her teachers nominated her because she is kind, respectful and puts others first.  She is also a hard worker and does well in school.  She participates in volleyball.  In the future she wants to go to college and become a counselor or therapist.  Her favorite class this year has been Tech class because she likes hands-on activities and building things.  In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and pets, drawing or painting and playing volleyball.  Next, Katie shared the following fun facts.  If she ever won the lottery she would give some to charity, save some and buy another pet.  If a genie granted her one wish, she would wish to see her grandma and grandpa again.  If she had one super power she would want to be telepathic.  She would want to see people's thoughts and communicate with people without talking to them.