JH Student of the Month April

April Junior High Student of the Month

Adrianne Porter, the daughter of Eric and Cassandra Porter of Stewardson, was named the April Junior High School Student of the Month.  Adrianne is a seventh grader.  Her teachers nominated her because she is a very responsible, hard working student.  She is eager to participate in class.  She is always willing to help her teacher or fellow classmates anyway she can.  She has great spirit and is a joy to have in class.  Her activities at school include softball, volleyball, and track.  In the future she plans to graduate from high school, go to college, have a family, and live on a farm.  Her favorite subject in school is reading. She enjoys the teacher and loves to read.  In her free time she likes to go swimming, go out on her boat, spend time with her friends, and family.  If she ever won the lottery she would donate half of it to the local pet shelters and homeless shelters then put the rest into savings.  If a genie was able to grant her one wish she would wish to have her old dog Annie back, so that her dad could see her again.  If she had one super power, she would want it to be teleportation, so she could go anywhere she wanted whenever she wanted.