Stewardson-Strasburg High School hosted the FBLA Eastern Area Conference at the Thelma Keller Convention Center on Tuesday, January 10.  Congratulations to the following students:

Dane Durbin – 2nd place Business Calculations, 2nd place Personal Finance
Rowyn Foreman – 1st place Intro to Financial Math, 3rd place Intro to Public Speaking
Isabelle Gratz – 3rd place Business Calculations
Amber Goen – 2nd place Accounting II, 4th place Business Communication
Isaac Lankow – 1st place Intro to Business Procedures 
Morgan Mathis – 2nd place Business Law
Andrew Petzing – 1st place Intro to Business Concepts, 4th place Intro to Financial Math
Evan Petzing – 2nd place Economics, 2nd place Political Science
James Porter – 1st place Economics, 3rd place Intro to Information Technology
Samantha Porter – 1st place Accounting II, 2nd place Health Care Administration 
Aiden Sayers – 3rd place Intro to Business Concepts
Emma Sayers – 1st place Advertising, 1st place Organizational Leadership
Briar Smith – 4th place Business Calculations, 5th place Accounting I
Henry Vonderheide – 1st place Business Law, 1st place Political Science
Raegyn Wallin – 2nd place Intro to Business Communication, 5th place Intro to Business Concepts

Briar Smith was elected to the position of Eastern Area President.  Isabelle Gratz was elected Secretary and Morgan Mathis was elected Treasurer.