JH Student of the Month - February

Weston Spannagel, the son of Josh and Beth Spannagel, was named the February Junior High Student of the Month.   He is in the sixth grade.  His teachers nominated him because he is always positive, kind and helpful.  He plays basketball and travel baseball.  His favorite subject is math because it is easy for him.  In his free time he likes to play baseball, basketball, video games and spend time with his family.  In the future he hopes to go to college at SIU or Illinois State.  He hopes to be a professional baseball or basketball player.  If he ever won the lottery he would save half, give a quarter to charity, give some to his family and spend the rest.  If a genie was able to grant him one wish he would wish to go pro in baseball or basketball.  If he had one super power he would ask for speed, because he could beat everyone up and down the basketball court and get a lot of inside the park home runs in baseball.  His favorite experience in school has been going on a field trip to Silver Dollar Skating.