Senior Seminar

This past Wednesday, seniors took part in our annual senior seminar day. Seniors listened to speakers regarding topics such as investing, insurance, car shopping, house buying and renting, banking, taxes, mental health, and self-defense. Students also enjoyed Joe's pasta in a "learning" etiquette lunch. Special thank you to the following presenters: Nate Wascher, Shelby County State Bank; Alec Ring, Ring Financial; Anna Hemrich, Gilbert, Metzger, and Madigan CPA; Derek Hayden and Garrett Ulmer, Shelby Insurance Services; Chelsea Allen-LaBaume, Sara Bush Lincoln; Glenda Sphar, EIP Realty; Marisa Pearcy, Pearcy's Taekwondo; Angela Kelly, St. Anthony's Hospital; David Boys and Josh Marten, SSI; and Bonnie Moore and Justin Onigkeit, Lake Land Workforce Development