JH Student of the Month - March

Brady Wallin, the son of Tommy and Amber Wallin, was named the March Junior High Student of the Month.  He is a seventh grader.  His teachers nominated him because of his good attitude, work ethic and respectfulness.  In school he has participated in baseball, track and scholar bowl.  His favorite subject is Social Studies.  He enjoys history and Mr. Moffett makes the class very enjoyable and fun.  In his free time he likes to play video games, go outside, play with his dogs and go golfing.  In the future he wants to go to college and become a Social Studies Teacher and teach junior high.  If Brady ever won the lottery he would buy his family a big, nice house.  He would buy a few cars and donate the rest of it.  If a genie was able to grant him one wish, he would wish that people didn't have to worry about money, so they are not hungry or in poverty.  If he had one super power, he would want it to be teleportation.  He could then save a lot of time and get things done faster.  So far his favorite school experience has been any of the last days of school.