HS Student of the Month - December

December HS Student of the Month:  Mya Friese 

Mya Friese, the daughter of Kurt and Bridgitte Friese, was named the December High School Student of the Month.  She is a freshman.  Her teachers nominated her because she continues to strive for the best, always gives 110%, is kind to others and is a leader.  She participates in Foreign Language Club, LEO Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Pep Club, Business Club, Lutheran Youth Fellowship, Volleyball, Softball, Travel Softball and Rapid Fire Volleyball Club.  Her favorite subjects are French and English.  She enjoys French because it is interesting to learn about a different language and culture.  Hopefully one day Mr. Hansen will be able to take French class to Paris, France.  She also enjoys English because there's a wide variety of lessons that they do.  Mrs. Tomblin always has unique, creative, and fun activities in her class.  In her free time she enjoys running, playing with her dog, Ozzie and spending time outdoors.  She also likes spending time with her sisters and friends.  In the future, she would like to go to college at EIU and would love to play volleyball.  As of now, she wants to go to college and her dream job would be to be a vet. 
Then she hopes to one day live in a small cabin in the woods by herself with one dog that she hopes to spoil.  When asked, Mya shared that if she ever won the lottery she would pay for college, invest some, buy some land in the country, and give some to her family and local animal shelters.  If a genie granted her one wish, she would wish that her dog would live as long as she does.  If she had one super power, it would be to be able to stop time.  This way she would be able to achieve many things without even a minute passing.  For example, she could stop the time to do all her homework, take naps whenever she wanted, and never be late.  So far, her favorite school experience has been playing high school volleyball this year, especially in the postseason.