JH SOM - March

JH Student of the Month for March:

Abby Smith, the daughter of J.P. and Shannon Smith, was named the March Junior High Student of the Month.  Her teachers nominated her because of her hard work and positive attitude.  She is in the sixth grade.  She participates in volleyball, gymnastics, and softball.  Her favorite subject is math, because it challenges her to learn new things.  In her free time she likes to draw, paint and watch TV.  In the future she wants to go to college and be a Sports Therapist.  Now to move on to some fun facts.  If she ever won the lottery she would want to save most of it to pay for her college.  If a genie was able to grant her one wish, she would wish to get another dog.  If she had one super power she would want it to be teleportation.  Then she would be able to go anywhere she wanted to quickly.  So far, her favorite school experience has been in kindergarten when she got to hold a baby alligator.