JH SOM - April

Zachary Probst, the son of Jesse and Theresa Probst, was selected as the April Junior High Student of the Month.  Zachary is in the 6th grade.  His teachers nominated him because he has a positive attitude, is friendly to all and is a leader in the classroom.  Zachary enjoys basketball and played on the school's 6th grade team this past school year.  His favorite subject is math. It comes easy to him and he knows that it will help him in the future.  In his free time he enjoys practicing basketball and playing with his sisters.  In the future he hopes to attend an electrician college.  Then he hopes to work for  a company as an electrician.  Now to move on to some facts.  If he ever won the lottery he would want to buy a really nice car, a nice house and then save the rest.  If a genie was able to grant him one wish, he would wish to be the new Michael Jordan.  If he had one super power he would want super strength.  He then could win every boxing match and be rich.  So far his favorite experience in school has been winning the Stew-Stras basketball tournament this year.